Per the shout out from Jack Rebney – the “Winnebago Man” – I checked out the videos of him on YouTube – I thought they were pretty funny – it contains lots of swearing – so not safe for work, children and people of a delicate nature:

It would be interesting to see how one of Jack’s commercials actually looked like once he was able to get his lines down, the flies controlled and the windshield wiper from attacking him 😉 Seeing the Winnebagos from the late 80’s is also fun – lots of beige and no side-outs… I think it would be fun to purchase an old Winnebago Motor Home from the early-70’s and do a complete restoration of it…

Today, as planned, we went into San Francisco so I could go ice skating. We took the Bart to the Embarcadero station and walked to the rink from there. The rink opened at 10:00 am and we were 15 minutes early – so John purchased my skating ticket while I put my ice skates on. Once I got on the ice it was lots of fun. It was in the upper 60’s, but the ice was not too bad. I was worried that it would be very wet and slick, but it was pretty well frozen and I had no problem. Here’s a short video showing me going around the rink:

I skated for 45 minutes and decided that John had enough of watching me. We then went back to the Embarcadero Bart station, rode it up to the Powell station and attempted to see the San Francisco History Museum on the corner of 5th and Mission. We arrived and determined that it is not open. I should have looked at their web site a bit closer – they only give tours on specific dates to members of their historical society… So I snapped a picture of the building and we were on our way to find something else to do.

We decided to buy tickets for the Market and Powell street cable car. We had a 20 minute wait to board – but this was much shorter then when we attempted to ride it in the past. While we waited to board we watched as a “End The Fed” protest group came by. They are not happy with how the Federal Reserve Bank bailed out the banks in the past few months. They had a group of a around 200 people who were a bit loud but not too obnoxious – they left after 10 minutes… We then watched as the cable cars came to the end of the line and were manually turned around on a simple turn table. Here’s a short video I took:

We managed to get seats on one of the cable cars and enjoyed the 15 minute ride up the Market Street hill and then over to Powell street where we disembarked a few blocks away from Fisherman’s Warf. It was worth the $5.00 tickets. The operator who controls the car gets a bit of a work out with the levers used to control how tightly the car hold onto the cable running under the street. Here’s a video showing the city go by as we ride the car – it’s not too exciting – just shows the city and people going by:

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that has pictures of the same Market and Powell street cable car system from the 1930’s – complete with Judy Garland singing:


Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

We then walked through the Fisherman’s Warf area and over to Pier 39 to check out the sea lions and the shops. It was a nice clear day so we could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Here’s some pictures John took:


Sea lions basking in the sun

We then walked around Pier 39 checking out the various tourist shops – did not find anything too exciting. We then walked down the piers and stopped at the Fog City Diner for lunch. We’ve walked past this place several times on past trips and I wanted to check it out.


Fog City Diner

Dining out in San Francisco is expensive and the diner was no exception – but we knew that going in… We had not been to a relatively nice restaurant for awhile, so we treated ourselves…. John had the “Diner Burger” with fries and I had an omulette with chicken, asparagus, arugula and feta cheese with a side of seasoned potatoes… it was yummy!! We also had their lemonade with vodka – I liked it, but John said it was too tart for him… I would like to check out their dinner menu sometime….

We then walked back to the Embarcadero Bart station and made it home in 30 minutes. Our portable propane tank was almost empty from running the furnace a bit in the evening and and in the morning for the last two weeks – so John went and refilled it. It is easier to use the small tank and refill it now and then, then using the built in propane tank and having to move to motor home to get it refilled. We probably run the furnace less then an hour a day, but the furnace is not overly efficient. But buying 7.4 gallons of propane every few weeks is not that bad…

Tonight we are watching some movies I rented from RedBox at the Safeway… watching the new Indiana Jones movie along with a movie called “Smart People” that I know nothing about… sometimes those are the best movies – no preconceived ideas about it….

No plans for tomorrow… need to get laundry done and I should take a trip back to Livermore so I can return some library books I still have checked out… I’ve requested the next four “The Cat Who” books from PaperBackSwap.com. In the mean time, I’ve started to read Agatha Christie’s first book – “The Mysterious Affair at Styles“. I wonder if there’s some neat old used bookstores in San Francisco – I should do some research online….

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