Hello all, John here…

Beautiful day here in Saint Louis. About 65 and Sunny…

I’ll Start with the Milwaukee Trip. All went well. Tom has been pretty busy, but his business model has changed some since I was there, it has gotten much more complex with the addition of other business. A good thing since it looks like we will be loosing a major customer soon. I will be responsible for the safety and compliance of the company, and have been basically told “it’s your department, run it how you wish”. I liked working for Tom in the past just for that reason, he lets you run, but expects results. It will be a challenge, but a good one, and this time I have a single focus, which is even better. The majority of it will be telecommute-able, however, I will be making at least quarterly trips back to Milwaukee, and possibly a few other locations, as he now has a terminal in Chicago and is poised to grow with another customer which will most likely require being at those locations periodically. This could turn out to be a very good thing for both Derek and I and Tom.

Moving on, Friday, I sort of recovered, but yet was able to dive into some of my new work assignments, familiarizing myself with some new software, and making certain I am able to get to what I need to on-line. Also checking out some of the available public reporting tools used by the FMCSA. Friday evening we did our traditional Pizza delivery and just hung out here.

Saturday, I told Lynn & George that I would drive Jo’s motor-home to RecTec to have a slide out seal replaced. We left about 9, and Derek followed me in the Subaru. After that we grabbed breakfast at the Golden Pancake out near the airport. It was good… I’d go back. From there we decided on a trip to a new store called “Micro Center” Sort of a more “finished” Fry’s, focused mostly on computer stuff. It was a neat store, but seemed on the higher side of the spendy scale. Derek picked up a new pair of Apple headphones for his iPhone.


Subaru on the rack...

On the way there, getting on the interstate we noticed the Subaru getting quite loud. Seems the exhaust pipe directly behind the catalytic converter failed. After looking at it I see why, as the entire pipe is surrounded by a heat shield which does nothing but make noise and hold in water… I wasn’t in the mood to get dirty and frustrated as I really loath working on exhaust, so we found a local shop not far form us on N. 13th St. called Kunkel’s Auto Care. The owner ran it up on the rack and we were checking it out. He called shortly after and said he could weld it, and would be about $85.00, and he would have it ready in an hour. I then asked him to quote a price for a service and to change the spark plugs, as they were way over due. He came back with a reasonable estimate (about half of what Subaru wanted), and i told him to keep it and do it Monday. I will report further on how it turns out. We really can’t complain, even with this car being fairly new, it has been very trouble free until now, and this is really just normal maintenance stuff.

Today we met some of the Camping Club for breakfast at Chris’s. As always good to see them, and we probably will miss them next week with the holiday and all. We’re planning on heading north to Derek’s Parents, and then I will continue up to WI to our friend Marcus’s to get our remaining storage items. A Lot of driving on a holiday weekend, but it will be worth it to see everyone. We have decided to board Prince again, as it will be a bit too long to leave him alone, and it removes the risk of something happening when we aren’t here. When Prince is left alone I also fear he doesn’t eat enough because he is unsure when the next human will be around to fill his bowl… Even if we leave out several bowls he will only take a little bit out of one of them. We found a pretty neat place called Kennelwood Pet Resorts and for $14.00 a night he can stay in a “Seaside Kitty Condo” and have 4 levels of excitement, which also includes a view of an aquarium, TV tuned to Animal Planet, and a catnip treat daily, along with 24 hour supervision and maybe some company of other kitties if he behaves. Yes, Prince is spoiled, but it was actually much cheaper than when we boarded him at the vet in Dallas.


2000 Washington Ave.

Tonight Derek wanted Del Taco for dinner, so we went there. For fast food taco places, Del Taco is pretty good, but this store is pretty ghettoish. After we returned, we decided to go for a walk downtown. I wanted to walk past a building that is for sale that I could see us buying, but it is way out of our imaginable price range… I could easily see it re done as a 4 plex with RV Parking, as it was at one time a fire station, and appears to have 3 full height doors, and an open air loading dock. I can dream…

We also walked down to the gellato place, and had some Italian ice cream. It was also very good.

After returning home we received an email from one of our neighbors here in the park. He stopped by and said hello, and I helped him sorta diagnose a furnace problem. I think his thermostat went bad, and he wanted to make sure that was the problem. I tried to reset it, and checked for power at the device. The board in the thermostat itself looked pretty badly corroded, so I am pretty sure that is the problem since there was power there. I am not overly familiar with Dometic’s way of doing things, but that is what I would change next… so I told him to get one ordered and we would go from there. He seems like a nice guy, so hopefully we will see more of him.

Now, just gonna chill out tonight. will be a busy week next week with a few things going on, and having to get ready to go north.

Have a great evening. John

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