Hello all, John here.

I don’t have much to report… Derek said I had to do a blog posting… But I don’t know about what!

Derek did make it to his Parents House for the holiday. They had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner at his Sister In-Law Melinda’s Father’s house. He is a pretty neat guy, I have met him in the past and he always took the time to chat with me. Derek called last night to say that he ate way to much and that all was well. Apparently, the only mishap was Derek’s Nephew Jet got a bit rambunctious with a magic marker on a wall– Kids…

I called Dad, got his Voice Mail, and then Jamie, got her Voice Mail. Ugh. Jamie did call back today. She was up north with Dad in the hunting shack. She drove back today. Of course she called while driving with the kids in the car… That just makes me crazy. Ugh. Anyhow, we talked for a few minutes, but then she started bring up a bunch of crap again… I just wish she would listen to herself once in a while… I tried to change the subject several times, but she just kept going. Ugh. Anyhow, I tried to end it on a positive note. Dad Left me a voice mail, but when I tried to call him back again voice mail. I know coverage is sparse in the great white north, so I probably won’t get to talk to him until next week.

I did go to Lunch with Perry, Paul, and Lloyd today. e went to Penn Station. It was actually surprisingly good for a sub shop. I had a Ruben. Came back to the park, helped George move a couple things, cleaned the restrooms and picked up liter around the park. The park occupies a small city block, and by the time I got all the way around it I had a full trash can. People can be such pigs. Most of it came from around the two bus stops. Argh.

Other than that I been just sitting and listing to the radio hiss. The band is still crappy, although it was open a bit this afternnon, I was able to check into the Maritime Mobile net on 20 (14.300Mhz) The net control was using a relay station, I think he was in Colorado. When the band is open on 20, it seems my crude antenna picks up the east coast OK, and have heard a few of the mountain states in there. Anyhow… That’s all I got for now.

Have a goodnight.


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