Greetings from a cool St. Louis…

A cold front went through today and brought with it rain and cooler temps. On the way home from work it was 51 ° out and dropping.

Tomorrow we are driving up to my parents farm in Thomson, IL – will be a 6 hour drive. John will spend the night and then head North to Kennan, WI to do Thanksgiving at his dad’s hunting “lodge” (double-wide). Tonight I did some laundry (again) in preparation for the trip. Plan is to get up, pack, drop Prince off at the pet resort and get out of town. There is not really any direct routes to North Western Illinois – so taking 55 to 155 to 74. It is like doing a big half circle from the Mississippi River, to the middle of Illinois and back to the Mississippi River.

The last two days at work have been busy – I have several projects that I’m trying to get wrapped up and users keep asking for additional functionality…. Additional functionality means more work for me which is good, but then I don’t get projects done on time, which makes management unhappy…. so around and around we go…

John worked at the RV park today – he was not overly busy – but did have some comings and goings to process through the elaborate processes at the front desk 🙂 I brought home supper from Qdoba so we did not have to mess up the MoHo.

Received the winter coat and clothes I ordered from www.Kohls.com – everything was as expected. The winter coat arrived just in time – Northern Illinois and Wisconsin is expecting snow on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

We’re watching the TV show V – several of the actors from the TV series 4400 are on the show – so now I’m getting the story lines mixed up… “What you see today, Tyler, is only the beginning” – yep, until your mom finds out your dating a lizard – then it’s going to get ugly……

Not much else going on…. enjoying a nice evening in the MoHo before our trip…..

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