We spent last evening at the Rochelle, IL Pilot truck stop. It was so windy the camper rocked back and forth – probably like being on a cruise in rough water. John moved the camper from the open RV parking spot to the truck parking spot. Having the RV parked between two semi’s helped keep the wind from hitting us so hard.

We made it to Lowden this morning and got setup in record time – it’s in the mid 20’s out and it feels really cold to us. Mike made some coffee for me – it was really nice of him and tasted really good after being cold. Our camper is nice and warm now – the furnace ran for a hour and now the electric space heaters are maintaining the temperature

Prince was a good kitty during the ride. He was restless and meowed for the first 15 minutes and then once we made it to the open road he laid down on my lap and slept. He is in good spirits now that the camper is all setup and warm.

Lowden is almost empty – it is Bernie and Mike, us and someone in a popup camper. I think it would not be much of fun to be camping in this weather in a popup…..

We are going to Deven in Melinda in a bit for Thanksgiving dinner…. I like to eat Turkey!

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