I made it back from my parents tonight at 5:30pm. The traffic on the way home was really bad. It was snowing on I-80 in the Galesburg, IL area – the roads were slick and stupid people were skidding in the ditch. I-55 was stop and go all the way through Springfield, IL an through Jacksonville, IL, and then I had stop and go traffic on I-64 to the rv park… yuck!

I had a nice Thanksgiving – went with my parents to Deven and Melinda’s house to see Jet and then we all went to Melinda’s dad’s house for Turkey. I then spent Friday and Saturday at my parents house putting up Christmas lights – yes it takes 2 days to get them all up. Lots of the strings of Christmas lights had problems – some would not light up at all, some only 1/2 worked – it was frustrating getting them to work (check them one light at a time) and get them hung. In front of the house there are two large bushes that keep growing – so each year it takes more and more net lights to cover them – this year it took 9 sets of net lights on each bush… I’m sure you can see them from miles away… The lights do look nice when they are all up and on… lots of cars slow down and check them out…

This morning we went to Steventon’s for Brunch – they are located in Le Claire, IA – just off I-80 along the Mississippi River. The food was good – I had an omelet along with a yummy pork dish. The restaurant has a nice view of the Mississippi river that was nice to look at while eating. After brunch we went to the Iowa welcome center – they have a nice gift shop along with lots of brochures of Iowa attractions. I purchased a bottle of Tabor Home raspberry wine.

Tonight John and I went out to eat at Noodles & Company with Perry. John really likes their beef Stroganoff and I like their pad thai – this is a chain restaurant that we missed when we were in Florida and South Carolina – so it was a treat for us.

This weekend is our 10th Anniversary – we plan on celebrating it next weekend. We have no plans yet – but I will come up with something nice to do… I will make it a surprise for John….

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