Hello all, John here.

‘Tis nothing really happening here, but Derek is whining, “it’s your turn to do a blog”…. Fine… So I am writing about nothingness!

Let’s see, Sunday Derek got laundry done, and I cleaned the insides up some. I wanted to get the shower scrubbed good, which then lead on to the microwave, stove, sink, etc. Normally when I start cleaning I keep going until it is all caught up. I vacuumed the floors too.. Exciting stuff! We used to bitch about having to come home from work and clean the house when we were in Milwaukee, and then we got a cleaning lady, so we would bitch about having to come home and clean house before the cleaning lady came… Now I can have it all spotless in under a couple hours, which is super nice.

Monday, I went and got a few groceries for the week. I went to ‘Food Maxx” which is sort of like a Cub Foods meets Mexican market if that makes any sense. It is close and much cheaper than Safeway, but you kinda gotta watch things, like the shopping carts. The first 2 I grabbed were disgusting, and the third one smelled like well… not so fresh. I then played with the radio most of the rest of the day. I made one contact in MT, but nothing spectacular. I was trying for an XE (Mexico) station, but just couldn’t get through. I really wish I had a better antenna solution. The Solarcon works OK on 20, but won’t tune well on 40.
The landlady stopped by with the bill, which was less than I expected. We only used $25.00 in electricity, but that is only for 1/2 a month (She reads meters on the 15t). I still think Vasco was ripping us off, I never saw electricity rates fluctuate as much as they did there, and most parks stick with a fixed rate and adjust it yearly, which seems to be the case here. We are paying $.115 a KW, which isn’t great, but less than Vasco. I was worried the water would be ultra high, but it was only $11.00, $10.00 of which is the monthly user fee. If our electricity stays that low this park will not be as much as Vasco, which would be awesome for us.

Today’s big adventure was my haircut. I hate getting my hair cut… I don’t know why I just don’t like strangers touching my head I guess. This was OK, but each salon I go to I wonder who sat there before me, what germs are crawling on everything that touches me, it just creeps me out sometimes. After that I took the car get it washed, it was overdue. I also found an Autozone, and put new wipers on the car. I am not a big AZ fan, but there really isn’t “Good” Auto parts stores around here. Kragen is a joke, and most of the NAPA’s are small independents that are really hit and miss. At least I know what I am getting at AZ.

So that about does it… Have a good night.


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