11/26/10 #4

Greetings from Boise Idaho.

We stopped at Camping World at exit 44 for a chance to get up and walk a bit. John noticed water coming from the exterior of the water bay – not good.

He found the water intake diverter valve had cracked from the freezing conditions lady night. He open up a toolbox riffled through it and found replacement part fir it. Good!

Then he noticed that the water filter enclosure had also cracked and needed to be replaced. We stopped at a nearby Lowe’s and found a replacement one that he will replace when we get to Portland. I hope that is the extent of the damage from the cold weather..

John plans to disassemble the entire water bay to see why it is not being heated properly. It kept warmer in the past. He also hopes to determine which water pipe keeps freezing and insulate it better.

The drive has been fine. Coming into Idaho there was some drifting snow on the road and only one lane was clear in spots – but did not last long.

John wants to drive for 4 or 5 more hours tonight – wants to get to the warm side of the mountains yet tonight…

Will post again in a few hours….

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