11/26/10 #5

We’ve stopped for the evening in Pendleton, OR.

After we left Boise, Idaho we had pretty good driving until night fall.  When we got into the mountains in Oregon and it started to snow and the wind picked up.  Driving at night here is an interesting experience because it is so dark – there’s no lights along the road at all.  Only light is the headlights of the MoHo and the other vehicles.

So John got to drive through Dead Man’s Pass in the dark with the snow coming down hard and the wind drifting snow over the road.  Then once we got to the western side of the mountain the snow changed to freezing rain and then just rain.  John got to drive down Cabbage Hill with snow mixed with freezing rain that eventually changed over to just rain.  John thinks we got off the hill just in time before it became very dangerous.  The weather radio says 4 to 5 inches of show is going to fall there overnight…

Once we got out of the mountains we pulled over at the Arrowhead Travel Center in Pendleton for the night.  It is still raining and the wind is blowing hard – can really feel the MoHo rock back and forth when the gusts hit.  They sell “I survived Cabbage Hill” t-shirts at the fuel desk – I should get one for John…..

The 4 to 5 hour drive tomorrow should be relatively flat and comparatively easy.  John wants to stop at a truck wash tomorrow to have the salt and road grime removed from the exterior and bottom of the MoHo.  I’m looking forward to getting setup at the rv park in Portland sometime tomorrow afternoon.  I’m heading off to read and get a good nights sleep….  feels like a being on a cruise ship with it rocking back and forth in the wind… will rock me to sleep…

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