We went to Mom and Dad’s and got the christmas lights completed. With John helping it took us around 4 hours to get all of the lights up – it usually takes me around 2 days to get everything in place.

This evening we had supper with Bernie and Mike. Bernie made his meat loaf logs – they were yummy! When I was a kid we called the mini-meatloafs “porcupines”. After supper we walked in the dark with our brass Dietz lantern to the statue of Chief Blackhawk. It was a nice walk and it was not too cold out – in the low 40’s.

Tomorrow we will be hosting breakfast in our camper – sausage, eggs and maybe biscuits. I don’t have much luck making the Pillsbury biscuits in the camper over – the bottoms get brown and the tops stay doughy….

We will also be making the trip back to St. Louis tomorrow – hope we have good weather and decent traffic.

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