I just got the supper dishes washed – John prepared a frozen Bertolli sausage and rigatoni pasta dish tonight – it was tasty and just the right size for us. The pasta dishes cost around $7.00 each, but include everything you need. Bertolli is offering a $2.00 coupon at this web site: Villa Bertolli.

I’m still very busy at work. I’m supporting several large applications, finishing up several small projects and working on a large critical project that MUST be ready for testing by December 10th. I will probably need to put in some more overtime….

John went to breakfast with Perry and Paul and then worked at various tasks around the RV park for the owners. He then moved the dipole ham radio antenna to a different pole and he is getting a bit better reception. This is probably because he is further away from power lines.

I had a surprise in the mail today – a new copy of Starcraft from Amazon.com. What is odd about receiving this is that I obtained it from Barterbee.com by trading points for it. I spent around 30 points for it, and it retailed for $9.95 on Amazon. I assume the seller is making a profit in Barterbee points – makes me wonder what they do with the points. My guess is that they trade the points for other DVD’s or computer games and then sell them on eBay or something…. Regardless, I got a new copy of Starcraft for my Mac and it did not cost me any money….

It has been cold and windy out all day. The RV is nice and toasty warm – the challenge with heating the RV is to keep it from getting too hot. John is the “master of the heat” and strategically turns on the two radiant space heaters, two propane furnaces and the heat pump. John obtained a 100lb tank of propane that he has connected to the RV so we will not run out too quickly.

Not much else going on…..

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