11/27/10 #4

We’re all setup now.  John spent a few hours working on installing the new water filtration system that we purchased yesterday at Lowe’s.  We then worked together to wash the motor home – it was filthy with road grime and dirt/gravel from the road.  They use a reddish gravel on the roads when they get slick – it sticks to everything….

John's Dirty Jeep - enlarge picture to get full effect :)

The last few hours of our trip was over crappy snow covered roads.  John said he never felt the motor home slide and it seemed quite stable on the snow and slush.  The drive through the Columbia Gorge along the Columbia River was very pretty.  Lots of snow covered pine trees along the river and mountains.  Here’s a few pictures I took today:

Crappy roads heading out of Pendleton, OR

Roads getting a bit better going along Columbia River.

Heading through the gorge

Another picture in the gorge

Front of the tacky tshirt I purchased for John this morning from the truck stop in Pendleton. John says it properly portraits what it is like going down Cabbage Hill.

After washing the RV we got cleaned up and headed over to Camping World – it is only a mile down the road from us – along with a Super Walmart – nice and convenient.  John wanted to get our 30 lbs propane tank filled.  Camping World does not do propane, but told him to head over to a nearby Loves travel center.  We did and their propane island was out of order.  We then decided to just find somewhere to eat and worry about the propane tomorrow.  John drove around for 10 minutes and finally asked me if I wanted Taco Bell or Long John Silvers….  Hell No!  I whipped out my iPhone and found a decent place that has steak and seafood called Francis Xavier.

On the way to the restaurant John noticed a gas station that had a propane island and stopped in.  He spent 15 minutes waiting for the kid to fill the tank.  There’s something wrong with the tank and it was not able to be filled.  He was charged for the 1/2 gallon of propane that was dispensed into the air….

Made it to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal.  I had their $15.95 steak and lobster special.  It was quite good – better then expected.  John enjoyed their fish and chips – also looked good.  We decided it was our anniversary supper – since we meet 13 years ago on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So now back at the MoHo relaxing and appreciating not sleeping in a truck stop with the wind blowing hard.  Tomorrow John will continue working on the MoHo.  He still needs to find a replacement solenoid for the ice cube maker system.  He inquired about one at Camping World, but the one they had in stock did not look quite right to him.  He will take the broken one with him when he goes back tomorrow.

A big thank you for all of the comments, emails, IM’s and phone calls during our exodus from Wisconsin!  It was nice being connected while out on the long trip.  Will be interesting to see where we end up after Portland….  After this trip I hope we stay here for awhile…… at least until the Spring thaw 🙂

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