I had a productive day at work – still really busy, but I’m starting to see the end of a few projects…. For lunch I went to lunch with my coworker, Rich. We went and enjoyed sushi at Wasabi. Like usual, we ordered a bit too much, but we managed to eat it all. My favorite are the eel rolls and the shrimp tempura roll. John refuses to go to a sushi restaurant with me – even though they have lots of really good non-sushi dishes on the menu. Wasabi has a really good jerked chicken bento box.

Since I returned from my parents house last weekend, I have been getting allergy attacks with lots of sneezing – not sure why… I usually get allergy attacks at my parents house, but not when I return… perhaps I brought some of the cat dander and dust with me….

John worked around the RV park today and then played with the new to us ham radio setup. He was able to make a contact with a guy in Texas. We actually have a full page of contacts in our mini-log book. He is sending him our QSL card with self addressed return envelope to confirm the contact with hopes that he will return his card to us. We have not received our mail yet this week. It is probably slow because of the Thanksgiving holiday – I hope… seems like we have been having more problem with our mail here in St. Louis then we have at other locations. If we continue to have problems we will probably switch to having our mail delivered via UPS instead of the US Postal Service…

This coming weekend we are going to spend a night at the Pere Marquette Lodge in Grafton, MO. We thought it would be a nice place to get away and celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Not much else going on…

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