Happy Thanksgiving!

We planned on going camping this weekend, but are unable to because the RV is frozen solid – literally frozen to the ground from 50 gallons of water dripping from it.  We did not winterize it because of this trip, but this last blast of frigid temps took us by surprise.  The temps are still in the upper 20’s, but John is going to try to get it winterized today by running the furnace in it and replacing the frozen/damaged water filters.  Ick…

Bernie and Mike are going to come to see us this weekend because they need to take their RV to Winnebago in Forrest City, IA for repairs.  One of their slide-outs is not functioning properly.  They can stay at the campground a few miles away from our place that is open all year around – same campground where John’s dad stayed in our RV a few months back.

Tomorrow we will prepare a turkey and have a Thanksgiving meal with Bernie and Mike.  This will be their first time seeing “the West Des Moines Ghetto” – so should be a good time.  Then on Sunday we are going to meet my parents at the Amana Colonies for a holiday lunch with them.

Ice skating lessons are still going strong.  Can now do a three point turn, sometimes, maybe.  This video shows how it is done – looks easy but the “shoulders against the hips” turning motion feels odd to me:

On Monday evening they had a one-hour learn to skate class outside at Brenton Plaza that I attended.  Was geared towards showing beginner skaters what it is like to take lessons.  There was only one other adult skater in attendance, so for $6.00 had a almost private lesson with my favorite coach.  Went over lots of basics and showed ways to have better posture and arm positions.  Was cold out but was still fun..

Have the airline tickets purchased with American Airlines for the cruise in February.  I watched the ticket prices for several days and finally took the plunge.  Glad I did because the amount of seats available were starting to dwindle.  Upgraded our seats to domestic first class so John will have more leg room.  He always complains about how his knees hurt him when sitting in a coach seat.  The upgrade will also let us have up to three pieces of luggage each at no additional charge.  We are flying out on a Wednesday and returning on a Saturday.  Des Moines to Chicago, Chicago to Miami each way.  Not flying on a Friday or Sunday helped to keep the cost of the tickets down.  Plan is to spend Thursday and Friday with John’s Aunt and Uncle before the cruise.  Will be nice to see them again – believe it’s been five years since our last visit.

We are still debating about keeping Ethan the cat.  John is tentatively OK with keeping him as long as we get him declawed and I find a better litter box solution.  The big holdup on our decision is #1 – Having two cats really is twice the mess, #2 – They wake up John at night with their playing, scratching and running around and #3 – What do we do when we go on cruise or camping – not practical to bring both cats along….

Need to head off and put a ham in the oven.  Hy-Vee had a deal where you purchase a ham for $21.00 then you get a free turkey.  Having the Turkey tomorrow, so preparing the ham today.  Is a six pound ham so will take around 2 hours to cook.



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