Greetings from Thomson, IL….

The weather has been nice – in the mid to upper 40’s and sunny- warmer then normal in the Midwest this time of the year…

The day after Thanksgiving we did not do any of the early morning Black Friday sales – my parents and I looked at all of the sales fliers in the paper and did not see anything that was worth standing out in the cold for at 4:00am… That evening we did head over to Clinton, IA to see a movie – saw Disney’s A Christmas Carol in 3D. The theater lobby was really busy so we purchased tickets, then Mom and Dad went to get seats while I waited in line for popcorn. I only had to stand in line 10 minutes to be waited on – shorter then I had expected. The theater we were in was not all that crowded so I was able to easily meet up with them. We all enjoyed the movie – the 3D effects were cool – I thought they added to the movie experience more then detracted from it. The 3D glasses had special clear plastic polarized lenses – a big improvement from the old-style red and blue lenses. It was cool seeing snow falling right in front of you, and things popping out of the screen. Jim Carey is not my favorite actor – I find him annoying in many of his films, but he did a good job being the voice of a really creepy, stingy, old Scrooge…


Cheetah Print Christmas Tree Ornaments... John would be a bit unhappy if I purchased them...

After the move we did some light shopping at Hy-Vee for some groceries, then Walgreen’s to browse some of the sale items.. and then a quick supper at McDonald’s…. Then we stopped at the local Goodwill store to browse their assortment of fine crap. My dad likes to find books to read and mom looks for Knick Knacks. She found a nice stuffed snowman to add to her collection…. I used some restraint and did not purchase anything – but was tempted to get these:

Today we drove to Rockford, IL to see Deven, Melinda, Jet and Scout. This is the first time I’ve seen them since last Christmas. We had a yummy lunch prepared by Melinda – a really good Turkey Casserole. Then after lunch we headed over to Edward’s Apple Orchard. The orchard was not overly busy this time of the year – so it was quite pleasant. They have a large barn that has lots of gourmet foods, craft items, t-shirts and etc. Outside the barn is a large childrens play area, some animals, a farm museum and etc… They are a big tourist destination in September and October – with lots of suburban families from Rockford and Chicago checking them out. I spent most of the time watching Jet play so everyone else could browse inside. It was really nice out – so did not mind. Warm enough to just wear a sweater with no coat. Here’s a picture of Jet on one of the play tractors:


Jet "driving" a tractor

We then went back to Deven and Melinda’s for some dessert and headed home around 3:30pm. The drive from their house back to Thomson, IL takes around 90 minutes – lots of country roads. We stopped at Walmart and Menard’s on the way home – again we browsed but did not make any big purchases. Menard’s had a cute Christmas section setup that we wondered through looking at all the tacky plastic stuff you can get for your yard, along with artificial trees…


Christmas Cheer at Menard's - how precious!

We made it home by 7:00, had turkey sandwiches for supper – I really like turkey so no complaint here…. yummy with rye bread, dill pickle slices, mayo and sweet mustard….


Cat Paw Cake

Not much else going on – all the running around today has everyone all tired out and resting while watching TV. Here is a picture of what happens when you leave cake out on the counter with a curious cat:

I briefly spoke with John. He made the trip from Eau Claire, WI to Madison, WI today and is spending the evening at Mike and Mike’s place. I assume they went out for supper and are probably going to hang out and chat while John falls asleep from exhaustion…. Tomorrow Mom and Dad are driving me over to Oregon, IL to meet John for lunch. From there John and I will drive to St. Louis to pick up Prince.

I’m off to read and fall asleep… have a good evening….

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