It’s another rainy overcast day in Portland, OR.

My first day of work went well. The work computer I brought along from Milwaukee connected to the network here with no problems. Only issue I have is that it is still set for central time and I don’t have enough administrative rights to be able to change it. The building I work in is a modern two storied complex with lots of wings and areas. Was taken on a tour so I know where the essentials are – restroom, break room and cafeteria. Was able to get back to working on projects this afternoon. It seems like once I’m sitting down in front of a computer in a cube it does not really matter where I’m located – Milwaukee/Portland – my work is the same…

Spent some time getting to know the coworkers around me – one of them explained how Portland is a big area for shoe manufactures. Nike, Puma, LaCrosse and Adidas have their corporate headquarters here. Other large companies like Columbia Sportswear, Intel and Nautilus also have a large presence here.

John spent most of the day getting internet installed at the RV site. He decided to get internet from the cable tv provider here – Comcast. He went with a plan that provides 12 gigs download speed – a bit faster then the 7 gig down we had in Milwaukee. The only downside with Comcast is that their cable modem does not have router capability. So tonight after work we stopped at Best Buy and John picked out a router. I accuse him of being a “BestBuy Whore” because he’s been there everyday since we’ve arrived here 🙂

He’s in the process of getting it all configured right now…. Seems like it is going well..

Still working on getting over the two hour time difference. Went to bed at 10pm and got up at 6:45am – so on the right track. This afternoon I kept seeing the central time on my computer and it made me tired knowing that I was working until 7:00pm central time….

Not much else going on…. going to watch tv and do computer stuff for awhile….

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