John had a good day today – he took the “FAA Written Exam for Private Airplane” exam and passed with a grade of 93%. This is one step closer to getting his Private Pilot License. He still has to complete around 20 hours of training and complete another oral and written exam. John is cool.

It was another cold and windy day here in St. Louis, MO. The camper has been staying nice and warm for us – we mainly use the electric radiator for heat and it does well. Our camper has thermal-pane windows, extra wrapped insulation and the tanks are enclosed and heated. He have a good chance of making it though the winter without freezing….

This weekend I want to go shopping to get some winter clothes to wear at work and around the camper. I need sweaters, jeans and some sweat pants…

I’m writing this before going to the Feasting Fox for supper. It will be nice to see all of the Happy Kampers again – did not see them last weekend because of Thanksgiving. It is also cool that 25% of the proceeds go to AIDS assistance and research.

It was another hectic day at work – lots of last minute fixes and changes to TeamSpace 4.0 – I believe we have the last round of issues taken care of and the sofware can finally be released for general use. I started to work on changes for TeamSpace 4.1 this afternoon…..

This is the first week that I have been using the iPod in the car to listen to Pod-Casts while driving to work. It is working ok using the FM transmitter that connects to the iPod (charges and broadcasts), but I’m still not finding a frequency that does not get interferance at least once on the way to work. Tonight I tried 88.7 and it was ok until I got close to the campground – I just need to keep trying…. My favorite Pod-Casts right now are Lucky Bitch Radio with Wanda Wisdom and the RetroBits Podcast (talks about old home computers – apple, commodore, atari and etc)…

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