Hello all, John here.

I do apologize for the lack of posting/information this weekend. We did decide to make a trip to Palm Springs sort of last minute kinda thing. A few months ago we were thinking of getting some kind of camping trip together to San Degio, but with the move and added expenses we decided that wasn’t the best use of fuel money. Then Dave & Mitch invited us to their place for Thanksgiving dinner. We could just drive the car down, and he would put us up… We hemmed and hawed a bit since it is 430 miles each way, but in the end we couldn’t turn down Dave & Michell’s Hospitality! Plus we hadn’t seen their new house there, or the new super cool grid tie solar system. We didn’t want to say anything on the blog till we got back since we wouldn’t be taking the camper, and leaving here empty with the URL plastered across the back seemed a bit too much of an invitation for thieves… Derek says I am Paranoid.

So, the Trip. We took off Wednesday night, I picked Derek up at work. The interstate (I580) from here to there is just a nightmare, add holiday traffic and it took me 2 1/2 hrs to get that 30 miles. Finally got him and got on the road and basically had the same bumper to bumper traffic till we got to I5. The traffic then lightened a bit, still super heavy. We stopped for the night at a Super 8, Ugh. Reminds me why we never do hotels anymore… The Place was a dump, the bed totally sucked, and then just as we fell asleep, the ‘Neighbors” decided to check in with 3 rambunctious children, slamming doors, and dropping things. We got a good start Thursday and made it to Dave & Mitch’s by 11:00.

So, you are all asking about the Jag… No, it is not ours. We arrived and he popped the garage door, and wanted to show off his new toy! He found this super deal (of course, it’s Dave!) on a Jaguar XK8. It’s a 1998, and I gotta say it was a blast to drive around in it. Dave said he was planning on buying an older classic car this year for California, and was looking at old Thunderbird’s, all of which were either way out of what he wanted to spend, or were complete junk. Then he stumbled across the Jag listed on EBay, and he said he had always dreamed of owning an XKE, but never thought he would be able to. He really got a great deal on a really clean car.

Mitch put on a heck of a spread, we all know what an awesome cook he is! We met a number of his family members, and a bunch of their “California” friends. All of who were super nice people. After dinner we all hung out and chatted, then headed off to bed!


John, Jim and Dave hanging out..


Derek and Randy

Dave put us up in his Journey! He has a really cool piece of property and is able to get the camper right next to the house. It was comfortable, and of course we are used to camper life! It is a bit strange though when you wake up at night and the floor plan isn’t quite what your used to. I walked into the wall a couple times.


John getting his hands dirty...

Friday Morning, Mitch made us breakfast then Dave and I went out to look at the slides on his Journey. On his trip out here the Main room slide wouldn’t stay in. He made a call to HWH and they figured it was the retract Solenoid, so he ordered the part, and we started snooping around to see witch solenoid was the correct one… So we thought. We replaced the one that was activated by the retract switch, but that didn’t do any good. So, we tried the rear retract solenoid, and that solved the problem. In our messing around for some reason the rear slide stopped working. We finally got it working by opening a little valve a 1/4 turn, then turning it back a 1/4 turn. I think the valved is some type of a restriction valve that cuts the flow down to the rear slide. I think in the removing and replacing of the solenoids we might have dislodged a piece of crud that got trapped in the line. Either way they both seem to be working now, and I got to tinker with a system I previously didn’t know much about… So that was cool.

After we got cleaned up we decided to do dinner at “Blame it on Midnight” which was excellent, and then went to see the “Trash House” as Dave & Mitch called it. Later we stopped by the “Street Bar” and had a couple drinks and listened to “Mona” sing. She was pretty good, and the bar was cool too. Nice little neighborhood place with a very mixed crowd. It was very friendly and there wasn’t any attitude floating around. Which is what we really saw in most of Palm Springs, super Gay, and just a really nice place. Small town family but still has all the things you want.


John and Derek....

We had a great time, and just got back. Took about 9 hours back. I really hate I5, and the Subaru is not a long trip kinda car!

Anyhow, It’s late, I’m tired, and hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings! Derek will be by later to post the pics and add some more details! Again, we want to thank Dave & Mitch!

Have a good Night!


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