Greetings from St. Louis….

The went as planned and we made it back to the RV park by 7:00pm… all is good…..

So this morning my parents drove me to Oregon, IL to meet up with John at noon. We waited at the Conover Square mall for John’s arrival 15 minutes later. Conover Square was a piano factory at one time and the mall has old pianos that were made there – kinda neat to see. Once John arrived we hopped in Mom and Dad’s mini van and had buffet lunch at Maxson’s Riverside Restaurant. We had window side table with a nice view of the river and some Canadian geese grazing on grass. The food was typical buffet fare – but everything tasted fine. After lunch we headed back to the Jeep, said our goodbyes and were on our way back to St. Louis.

The roads were really busy and it was two lane most of the way – so was irritating driving for John and, yes, John insisted on driving the entire way – my driving is not up to his standards. John likes to drive the speed limit and has to contend with semi trucks who drive 60, and drivers who drive 90….

We arrived after hours at the kennel to pick up Prince. They have a doorbell that you ring and one of the attendants on duty helps you pick up your pet. Prince seemed quite freaked out in his kennel – he was cowering in the bottom corner in a little enclosure. He seemed happy to see John and jumped from his arms into his carrier right away like he was good and ready to get out of there. We were charged for an extra day because we picked him up 90 minutes after closing – we were not thrilled, but decided it is not worth it to call and complain… Don’t think we will use that kennel again.. Prince seems very happy to be home and is very vocal – like he is trying to tell us about his adventure at his kitty condo.

When we arrived we unloaded the boxes of stuff we had in storage at John’s friends house. John went through it all right away – so the MoHo looks like a disaster zone – full of stuff we have no idea why we saved…. at least most of it… there is some sentimental items that we need to find a place for, but the rest will be posted on Craigslist or eBay because we have no room or desire to keep it anymore… Our last eBay experience was not very good, so I’m hoping this time it is better.

Over the weekend my left leg has started to hurt – there is a pain that starts on top of my knee and extends upwards. The most pain is when I bend my knee, once I stand up I can walk around ok, but hurts again when I sit down. I went to bed Wednesday night feeling fine and then woke up Thursday morning with it throbbing – no idea why. I did not fall down, drop anything on it or get kicked by John. My theory is that I slept on it wrong and inflamed some muscles….. but I’m not sure… John wants to take me to get some medical attention immediately, but I want to wait and see what it is like in the morning. I think a hot shower and a good nights sleep in my own bed will do wonders.

I will ask John to do a blog posting tomorrow to go over his weekend up in Wisconsin.
I’m off to start my therapeutic shower, relax and get ready for the work week…

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