To celebrate our anniversary, Christmas and John’s Birthday I reserved a table in the dome car of the Rail Cruise America train that departs Union Station on December 17th.
I did not tell John before posting this – I want to see how long it takes him to discover his surprise

It is 7:10 PM and John still has not read the blog…..

Last evenings meal at the Feasting Fox was enjoyable. I had the wiener schnitzel and it was very tasty. We had a party of 17 which had the waiter a bit frazzled – but he did a good job. The total bill for everyone came to around $340, so the 25% donation came to $85.00 which was matched by MasterCard for a grand total of around $170.00. The owner of the restaurant came out and gave us the history of the building and the fixtures in it – I found it very interesting. You can read about the history at this URL: Feasting Fox History

Perry forwarded an email to us that contains a link to the Human Rights Campaign’s Annual Buyers Guide. You can check it out at this URL: Buyers Guide. I always knew there was a reason I perfer Best Buy(100) over Circuit City(43).

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