John is trying to fatten me up. Tonight he made one of my favorites – tortellini with a rich sauce… it was really good! Then he served me a piece of blueberry cheese cake…. this means that next week I be reduced having weak soup and tea for my meals….

I did some shopping during my lunch hour – I picked up a “10th anniversary Chia Pet”. John asked me to not buy him any gifts for Christmas or our Anniversary, but I decided that there is always room for a Chia Pet. I’m sure it will look nice next to my 8-track player. I decided on the “Chia Cat”:

I wrapped it up at work so it will be a surprise when we go to Pere Marquette Lodge tomorrow. John does not read my blog postings, so I have little chance that he will know what he is getting…..

It is cold out tonight… right now it is 32°… will probably get colder as the evening goes on…. Prince is laying next to the heater – being a “heat slut”….

John has noticed that there is something not quite right with the propane system in the motor home. The front furnace and the stove run for awhile and then the propane goes out. He tries to relight it, but there is not enough propane coming out.. He turns it off and tried 10 minutes later and then it lights and works fine.. He plans on spending some time checking everything out early next week to find the problem…. Right now it is more of a nuisance then anything… but it will be good to know why it is occurring…

I watched Project Runway last night – this week show was really hot because they designed male clothes and had hot twink models… Of course Bravo had to take lots of shots of the models getting undressed and trying on the newly designed clothes. Crazy Elise and Steven both finished in the middle – they were not in the group of the best and worst. Carmen was voted off… no big loss – I did not care for her attitude…. Seeing the men’s clothing being made looked more difficult then making woman’s clothing…. I don’t think I will be sewing an outfit for John anytime soon….

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