Greetings from San Leandro, CA….

This morning we had a late breakfast at Nick’s Family Restaurant. We go here for breakfast every Sunday morning and the waitress knows us enough to bring John a coke and me a decaf coffee without asking… The decor is a bit dumpy, but the service and food is generally good… I like the potatoes they serve on the side of the omelettes – done so they are a bit crispy on the edges.. yummy! I have been enjoying various omelettes with fresh avocado in it… it works for me, but John would not touch it….

After breakfast I went and got laundry done… I was the only person doing laundry so did not have to wait to use the washer/dryers… I sat in the rec room reading the next book in “The Cat Who” series – “The Cat Who Lived High” while waiting for the clothes to way and dry..

This afternoon I dropped some books and books on tapes off (listened to them while going to Palm Springs and back) at the San Leandro library. The library here is just OK. Their collections are arranged oddly – some here, some there, some upstairs and etc. They also don’t allow you direct access to back issues of magazines – you have to request them at a reference desk… I like to browse and check out random magazines – but here I have to look them up on the computer and ask for specific issues… it seems silly… Their book collection seems a bit old and not well funded… You see lots of books from the 80’s, but not as many newer books….

I then stopped at the 99 Cent Only Store to pick up a few odds and ends. This is the largest and most diverse 99 cent store I have ever been to. They have a large grocery and dairy section with fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. They just have lots and lots of odd items… it is fun to see what you can find.. They even have a liquor section… I purchased some easy to prepare items to take to work for lunch.

This weekend was our anniversary. We first meet the weekend after Thanksgiving 11 years ago in Green Bay, WI. I went to the boy friend store, looked in the front window and picked the orange one sitting in the corner with sad looking eyes 😉 That’s my story and I’m sticking with it…. John gave me some Ghirardelli chocolate and a card. I made a steak dinner at home for John tonight – it turned out yummy!

Now we are watching Dexter on Showtime while I start to get organized for the coming work week…

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