Hello all, John here.

Ah where to begin… The blogger’s curse has struck again– Been so busy and now I don’t really have the time to write about it all… But I will try!

So, Wednesday, we made it to Derek Parent’s House, and pulled the little trailer out of storage. It has held up quite well over the long idle period stashed in Dennis’ Barn. To my surprise, we had a few items inside it that were stashed along with it… Great, more Stuff we forgot about!


The "Hunting Shack"

Diane, Derek’s Mom, treated us to a nice dinner of a delish Bean Casserole, and a Seven Layer Salad, we were both tired from the drive, so we turned in early (about 9:30) since I wanted to get a good early start, which I did. I made it to Kennan by 12:30.


BIL Bob showing my 3yr Niece Nadia to shoot Logan's BB gun (Yes, my father bought him a BB gun the day he was born...)

I was pretty excited to get to the trailer, as I haven’t actually been up there for 12 years now, and Dad has made some significant improvements. A new (used but much larger) trailer, a well (Yeah! No more hauling water from the river or town!) and many other little things. It is still Kennan, but the area always did have some pull on me from a wild outdoors or peaceful serenity sorta way… Anyhow, Dad seemed legitimately surprised and glad to see me, so that mission was accomplished, and it was great to see my cousins, and Sister’s family. The bad news was the Deer Season wasn’t too productive for them, as they only had one deer on the pole. We went out to the local pub for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was Eh. Tasted ok, but my stomach was messed up for the rest of the weekend…


Jeep and Little Trailer at Marcus

So I got a fairly good start over to Marcus’ in Eau Claire. We had a lot planned for my visit, and got most of it accomplished. The important part was getting his new computer setup, which actually went smoother than I anticipated (but then, it is a Mac, so it should.) We did have a few hiccups with some streaming audio on a few sites, which Derek helped me figure out, and I forgot to bring some software, but we will get it done. He seems happy with the new machine, and seems to be embracing the change over form a PC. I did snap a pic of him and Lois, his wife– Who is an absolute sweetheart. They put me up, fed me, and spent the prior weekend digging our storage out of their attic, which saved me lots of time and aggravation!


Marcus and Lois

After we had things wrapped up Saturday, I made the trip down to Madison, where Mikey and Mike had agreed to lend me their couch. I was hoping to get going a bit earlier, and maybe have lunch with the Hanson’s, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I didn’t make to to Madison until after 9pm the way it was… I have a bad habit of planning too much in these trips… It was good to see Mikey and his new apartment. He seems to be stepping it up a little, and at least not living in the “College Dorm Room” spirit any longer.

We had breakfast Sunday Morning, and I headed right down to Oregon, where Derek’s parents agreed to drop him off. And now we’re home…

Today, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, All this stuff to find a home for, and my new job with Tom needed lots of attention. I will get caught up someday!

Anyhow, I am off to relax a bit before I hit the sack, so Have a good evening.


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