I had a very busy morning at work. I had a line of people waiting to speak to me about their specific issues and needs… The best part of being busy is that time goes by quickly.. Then this afternoon I already had everyone taken care of so I was able to continue working on misc. maintenance tasks and got lots done. The large application I programmed late last year is going live this week so I expect there will be items that come up.. I expect there will be lots of picky little details that will need to be tweaked…. It will be nice to see my application in use, finally…..

My arm and legs are still sore today – guess I did too much crawling around at the City Museum on Saturday…. I took some Aleve and I feel better now…

The weather is back to being windy and cold. The high today was 38 ° and the low tonight is expected to be 18°… Yuck!! John has the trouble lights turned on inside the bay with the water tanks and where the dump valves are at – this should keep everything from freezing… Looks like we will be stuck with winter weather all week long…. good weather for snuggling…. I can tell when the RV floor is a bit cold because Prince spends most of the day sleeping on chairs….


John's Chili

John spent the day working outside – picking up garbage, bringing lp tanks to RV’s and helping George… When I made it home tonight, John had a big pot of chili on the stove. It was thick that I asked him if it was chili or casserole 😉 It was the perfect meal for a cold winter night…. We have enough left over to have it for supper again tomorrow… seems like chili is better the next day….

We got our mail today – we received three copies of the January 29th Advocate. I will have to call them and request that we only get one because it is expensive to ship them all…. we had a bit of a surprise – we received a check from our RV full timer insurance company – I accidentally paid them twice last month…. oops…

I managed to download episode #3 of Project Runway Canada in a single night. I switched to a different Bit Torrent client called BitRocket that appears to download files faster then my other client. I really like PRC – it seems like Iman is getting more personable as the episodes go on. This week Sofia got voted off and she had this corny quote – “Women are like tea bags, you don’t know how strong they are until you put them in hot water..” – it made me giggle… When Iman announces the contestant who gets voted off she says “You just don’t measure up”… I guess it kinda refers to her height…. anyway it is cool actually seeing Iman interact and talk with people… I can’t wait until the next episode gets downloaded…..

The next event that I’m looking forward to is the St. Louis Winterfest Hamfest on January 26th… I would like to reserve a table so we can sell some surplus ham stuff we have, but having a table means that we are stuck sitting at the table and not walking around checking out the rest of the fest… so I probably will not… I can’t wait to drool over old computers, ham radios and electronic parts… I hope I can sniff some especially acrid capacitors….

Not much else going on……

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