Greetings from a typical winter day in Iowa..

Weather has been getting a bit better, having the high temps getting above freezing each day. There’s not much snow on the ground – more like mounds of ice where piles of snow once where. Lawns are brown and dreary looking.

Quick posting tonight because we are heading to monthly meeting of the Central Iowa Linux Users Group ( CILUG ).  It is a fun way to spend the evening.  I’ve been working on a Raspberry Pi powered laptop that runs Linux just so I can say that I use Linux if asked by other group members.  I also run Plan 9 to keep things super geeky.

Yesterday John had me call Lozier Heating and Cooling to look at the furnace in our apartment. John says it has been surging on and off like it can not sense the burners are light. They sent a guy over and $135 later it is back in working condition. Technician said the sensor had oxidation on it and he just needed to clean it off. Glad it was not anything worse. We suspect our central air conditioner is not going to start up once warm weather hits – was making some ominous noises last fall.

Last evening attended my employer’s “All Employee Meeting” at the Prairie Meadows Casino/Conference Center.  The bank has locations setup all over the world for employees to go and watch via streaming internet video.  The presentation is kept upbeat and fun as they go through key financial figures, explain how the bank is doing and give thanks to various departments.  As incentive to attend they have drawings for money at the end – must be present to win.  This year they had a lottery style ping pong machine where they would draw for a location, then on a printed  excel they would have a lucky employee’s name listed.  One of the winners was from Des Moines, but was not me…. darn… maybe next year 🙂

Ice skating lessons ramped back up last week.  John has caught on to the fact that I’m taking lessons at three different places – it’s a bit “excessive compulsive”, but have skating buddies at each place.  It is expensive, but can you put a price on my happiness and well being… Plus what I spend on ice skating is not much more then John spends on a certain habit that will be left unnamed 🙂

Have just started to learn the “Adult Level 4” things.  Most of it involves going backwards and doing various moves/cross overs and etc.  Problem I’m having it that there are not any other adults at the same level – so coaches are like – “Derek go over there and do your things, while everyone else do this”.  Takes a bit of fun out of the group lessons… On Monday night Coach Jenny had me start doing jumps on the ice.  They were actually easier then I anticipated and only fell once…

John just made it home, so I need to get ready for the Linux meeting.  Agenda says an industrial 3D printer is being demoed, and old computer crap is being given away.  I asked John if I can empty out the Jeep before we leave… no computer crap like new computer crap 😉

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