Greetings from our last full day in Texas….

John spent most of the day getting the MoHo ready to go in the morning… The ham radio antennas are down, the screens are off the front and side windows and lots of little things have been stowed… He also called AT&T in St. Louis and arranged for DSL internet service at the St. Louis RV park. We will be able to use the DSL modem that we purchased for DSL service in California…. he went with a plan that is twice as fast as what here have here in Texas for $10.00 less a month then what we pay here… Hope we don’t run into any installation issues that seem to follow us 😉

My work day was busy in the morning taking care of support issues. I went to lunch with a group of consultants that I like – went to Cheddar’s and had their buffalo chicken crispers… they were really yummy! I like how they put a slice of dill pickle in the wrap along with the chicken. It was fun dining out with the other consultants because I was able to get the “real dirt” on some rumors and events at work… Then my afternoon was really boring – support issues for the day have been taken care of and most of the people I work with were in meetings or over at corporate… I still need to meet with several people, but they were too busy today – so I assume my last half day at work will be busy accommodating coworkers who have procrastinated and waited until the last minute to get with me.. so much fun… I have all of my personal belongings from my cube all packed up and put in the back of my car – so I can perform a quick get away if needed 😉

After work I brought supper home from Arby’s… a chicken salad for me and roast beef sandwich for John. After supper I went and got laundry done – I was surprised at how busy the laundry room was. I ended up using the front crappy laundry room that only has three washing machines. I will not miss the laundry facilities here…

I have been following the news story about the shootings at Ft. Hood here in Texas… 12 killed, 31 wounded… they have the shooter in custody at a hospital… such a nasty situation… will be interesting to see what his motivation was….

Not much else going on… In the morning John will be leaving with the MoHo around 9 or 10:00 am – after the morning rush hour traffic subsides a bit… then with some luck I will be on the road at noon…. It will seem strange to be driving without following the MoHo, but will probably be easier… Should be able to meet in the Joplin, MO area tomorrow evening… hope our plan works out as planned….

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