Greetings from St. Louis!

We arrived at 1:30pm after an uneventful morning of driving. We left Joplin, MO around 8:30am and drive the 240 miles to St. Louis. We stopped at a newer Pilot at exit 257 on I-44 about 40 miles away from our destination. The Pilot was laid out really oddly – the diesel islands were up on a plateau above to store – you had to take a long flight of stairs to go down to the store. John was less then thrilled when he had to walk down to get the pump authorized and then back up…

The weather has been really nice – clear sunny skies and temps in the 70’s – can’t ask for much better traveling weather. Here’s a short video I took of John heading down the road – I was at a rest stop waiting for John to catch up:

George and Lynn were happy to see us again – it is like coming back home again 🙂 We were quickly brought up to speed on the coming and goings at the park. We are setup in our favorite spot – all leveled up, slides out, window shades put up, bugs washed off the front, satellite TV all dialed in, water, electricity and sewer pipe connected, cat’s travel box and bed put on front dash.. all set….

We will probably spend the remainder of the day hanging around the park, being social and relaxing..

I’m happy that there were no problems with the MoHo, Jeep or Subaru during the trip… I credit our good fortune to John’s regimented maintenance plan….

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