Hello all, John here.

Oh what an interesting week, and mostly things I can’t talk about here in the blog-o-sphere…  Which really sort of bites because this is a great way to vent.  Sigh.  So, to be as cryptic as I can be, I am going through another life event, it is non-threatening to either of our health, and I believe is the best “move” for all involved.  Yes, we are staying in West Des Moines.  About all I otherwise want to say is that the crazy-town train has left!  If anyone else desires more info and you are in the circle, please feel free to call or email…

Other than that, Not a whole lot going on.  Derek seems to be healthy again, and isn’t complaining about his job too much, but he is on-call next week which I am sure will make him all bright and happy.  I have been studying for the CCNA, but it is slow going.  One of my professors from DeVry graciously granted my access to the actual Cisco material, which is a Huge Help, and a huge value.  It’s slow going, but I am making progress.  I am hoping by studying 2 hours a night I can be ready for the big test in 3 months.

This weekend is the Big Quartzsite Rally in AZ.  I really wish we could be on the road to join them, as it would be a great time to get away, but that simply isn’t possible.  Maybe next year when we both have some vacation time.  We wish all those in the desert fun times!

So, that is really all I have…  Trust me, I could write 6 pages just from what has gone down in the last 72 hours, but the blogger’s curse strikes again.

Have a good night.



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