Greetings from another rainy day in Portland…

I had yesterday off of work. Started the day by making pancakes for breakfast – something we don’t do very often. We got the electric grill out and they turned out good. We had some blackberry syurp from David and Harry’s to top them off.. yummy! We decided to stay in the general Portland area just in case John needed to take care of work stuff. Decided to check out the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) located across the river from downtown.

The museum was very busy – lots of families enjoying having the day off. We purchased tickets to see the USS Blueback(SS-581) submarine docked in the river and for the general museum. The Blueback submarine was the last diesel powered submarine in operation in the US. It was used from 1958 to 1990. In 1990 several scenes from the movie Hunt for Red October were filmed on board. This was the largest submarine we have been on – it was much larger then the ones from World War 2. It is also the most modern submarine on public display in the country. It had three levels and had a crew of around 90. Our tour guide was just ok – seemed like he had done a few too many tours… Here’s a few pictures I took:


Heading down to the sub


Middle of the torpedo room




View down hallway

Took more pictures you can check them out in the OMSI album in Picasa.  The sub did have a radio room, but the tour guide did not mention anything about it.  John checked online and there is a ham radio club that operates out of it.  John emailed them to see if we could be guest operators sometime.

After the sub tour we headed back to the main museum and John received an important phone call from work.  He headed outside so he could carry on business without children yelling.  I found a comfortable bench and waited for him.  The sun suddenly came out and it felt really good on my face.  Took a picture of the sun to prove it actually comes out here:


The Sun!! Yeah!!

John got done with this phone call 45 minutes later and we continued checking out the rest of the museum.  There was not that much too see – most of was a science-themed playground for kids.  They had a display of dead babies that showed how they develop from 1 week until the time of birth.  Was interesting, creepy and sad all at the same time.

After an hour of dealing with misbehaving children and their impolite parents, we were done.  He headed back home and I spent a few hours doing laundry.  When I made it back to the MoHo with the clean clothes, John had supper ready.  I was pleasantly surprised to see meatloaf with mixed veggies on the table.

After supper, I did the dishes and then we headed downtown to the Lloyd center for my ice skating lesson.  This week we continue to work on doing crossovers and skating in different positions on a single blade.  I’m getting a hang of doing everything except skating backwards.  Want to go back this coming weekend and practice the backwards thing…  Does not seem like it would be difficult, but my feet/legs do not like doing it….

Today it was back to work for the both of us.  It was a typical day for me – spent most of it programming – working on some reporting functionality.  The reporting takes data from a Lotus Notes database and dumps it into Excel on demand.  Still don’t know for sure if I will be working this Saturday to put a project into production.  Assume I will know in the next few days…

Looking forward to watching another season of American Idol – it starts tomorrow (Wednesday).  John is not happy about it – he swore he would never watch it again after least season. He asked if I could watch it on my computer via iTunes, Hulu or any means possible.  You really can’t – only available on regular tv….. I predict John will watch it with me… and like it 🙂

Not much else going on… going to play Warcraft for a few hours….  I’m up to level 32 now… only a bazzillion more levels to go 🙂

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