Dining club at Natasha's

Last evening we went to Cafe Natasha’s Kabob International with our new dining group made up of some of the members of the St. Louis camping club. I ordered a beef kabob with rice and salad with feta cheese. We had good sevice and the food was tasty. There was nothing overly memberable about the food, so I doubt that we will hurry back. I think this would be a great place to go for lunch – they have a nice lunch menu complete with pita sandwiches which are close to a gyro.

The weather continues to be really cold – it got up to 42 ° out today but there is a cold wind that makes it feel cooler. Tonight it will get down to 13°. Next week the weather looks to about the same – cold.


Prince all curled up

John has made an appointment to get new tires on the RV. The big day will be January 30th. The sad thing is that the new tire will not look much different then the old ones – just 7 years newer. He ordered tires with a higher load rating – this way we can run them with less air pressure and get a smoother ride. At least in theory… time will tell.

We don’t have real plans for this weekend. I would like to go and check out the St. Louis Art Museum since we have not been there yet. Not much else going on…

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