I woke up at 5:00am and the RV was really cold. I suspected that the propane tank was empty so I attempted to light the stove… it did not light. I then proceeded to wake John up to let him know. He told me to get back to bed and he will deal with it in an hour… he was not happy… he did eventually go outside and switch the empty 100 lb tank for a full one.

Last night I broke one of the handles on the refrigerator. John called around to several local RV dealers to see if they had a replacement handle for the Norcold refrigerator – but he had no luck – every dealer would have to order it and would get it in by Thursday of next week. John decided that he would have better service by calling Mobility RV for the part. John has had really good luck with ordering parts through them. They are located a few miles away from the Winnebago factory in Iowa and do a great job of shipping quickly. To keep the refrigerator door closed, John took one of the handles off the freezer door and put it on the fridge door and then put the bad handle of the freezer door. The freezer door stays closed with the broken handle, but the refrigerator door does not…..

For breakfast we went to the White Knight dinner. We each had yummy omelettes and hashbrowns. John knows the owner of the dinner – Lee. He stays at the RV park and John has helped him out with misc things. It was fun talking to him about his past adventures and business ventures while he was busy making lots of breakfasts on the grill. The diner was featured in the 1990 movie White Palace – Wikipedia has a write-up about it. I ordered a used DVD of the movie from Amazon.com for $4.90- I’m curious to see it….

After breakfast we went to the Saint Louis Art Museum. The building the Museum is in was the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1904 worlds fair. It was the only building at the World Fair that was designed to remain after the fair was done. We spent 3 hours looking at art. They also have several mummies and a small collection of armor. My favorite painting was a piece of pointillism by Seurat. The best part of the museum is that it is free. They only charge for special exhibits, which there was only one.

St. Louis Art Museum

This evening we went to Four Seasons with Perry for supper. We enjoyed pot-stickers and then various asian dishes. I had a hot garlic chicken dish which was yummy!

I’m not sure what we are doing tomorrow – we don’t have any plans except for meeting the camping club for breakfast at Crusoe’s…..

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