Greetings from St. Louis!

My first day at work went well. Had lots of coworkers welcome me back, and I can tell that I’m going to get back into the swing of things here quickly. Returning to a place I worked at a year and a half ago is like watching The Office on TV, but you missed the last season. The cube I have been assigned is in the IT area – the last time I worked here there was not enough room in the IT area and I worked in the HR area – so nice improvement. My cube was a bit scruddy with dust, hair, left over office supplies, few too many paper trays, book ends, print outs and etc. from the past occupant. During my lunch break I went to a Walgreen’s and picked up some Clorox wipes. I then spent 10 minutes giving everything a good wiping down – much better! Then I took several loads of misc stuff back to the supply room. All ready to start bringing my stuff in that is in the back seat of the Subaru. It will feel like my “work home” in no time.

We were scheduled to get DSL installed at our site in the RV park. The installation guy arrived this afternoon and had it installed, up and running by 4:30pm. John was very happy! He ran some speed tests and we had around .64 up and 4.8 down. The installer said that our speed would not exactly be 6 because of our distance away from central hub, but that it should be decent. We were getting less then 2 in Texas. After supper he was watching lots of You Tube videos of cats and kittens – very cute. I then got the supper dishes washed, put away and my computer setup on the kitchen table. Then all of a sudden the internet service went down – with a red light blinking on the modem. John reset the modem several times and called AT&T’s service line. It is completely automated and did not help much – we were assigned a ticket number. So no DSL right now. Doing this blog posting using the park’s internet – it’s free, but goes up and down a lot. With some luck the DSL service will get restored shortly…. So our tradition of having issues with getting DSL installed and working continues…. 😉

John received a call last week from his past employer in Milwaukee – the trucking company he worked as an operations manager for. They asked if he would be willing to work remotely as a safety manager – and he accepted today. I don’t exactly understand what he will be doing, but it has something to do with compiling data from the truck drivers log books that is needed for compliance. He is still working out the details, but it sounds like a good opportunity for John – especially since he can work “at home” in the MoHo – so another reason a reliable DSL connection is needed!

Not much else going on… waiting for internet to come back while watching “The Next Iron Chef” on TV….

Update on the DSL– Back up and working. So far I gotta give Kudo’s to AT&T, there service has been spectacular in installing and troubleshooting.

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