It’s really cold here… we spent most of the day inside playing computer and video games. We went to Crusoe’s for breakfast, like usual on a Sunday morning. We arrived at 8:45am and noticed a note on the front door that they would not open until 9:00am due to some type of equipment failure. Perry arrived and we decided to stick it out. Needless to say the food was cold and not very good…. Tonight we meet Perry and Doug at Joanie’s Pizza and none of us ordered pizza – I had lasagna, Doug a salad, and Perry and John had sandwiches… The food and service were good. I got to watch part of the Green Bay Packer game while eating… it was half time when we left and the Packers were ahead 10 to 6…..

Friends that we meet last year in Florida, Kev and Angie, have started a new website named NüRVers. Kev describes the site as “The mission of NüRVers is to create a community of people with similar expectations of RVing. Fun, adventurous, non-traditional, unique, would be good keywords for many of these expectations!”. John and I have signed up as members of NuRVers and are looking forward to watching it grow and develop into an interesting online community…

Main logo for the NuRVer's website

I have been watching more episodes of Project Runway Canada – and I think I like it better then the American version. I really like their various personalities, the challenges and the finished designs. Having Iman as the main host of the show seems to add some credibility to it. Iman is very quick witted and it is fun as her fierce personality comes out with her interaction with the contestants. The show is shot in Toronto – I would love to work and spend time there someday… My favorite designer is still Biddell Evan – I think he is cute and l like his sense of humor…

Not much else going on… think I will go play Webkinz for awhile and then relax and watch TV….

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