Greetings from Oregon…

Made it through another work week.  Ended up working late the last two nights to perform a “software conversion”.  The conversion itself does not take very long, but manually copying 48,000 documents takes forever….  Wanted to get the conversion done Thursday night but ran into a “security issue” and ended up needing to leave sooner then expected…  Don’t mind working late because it helps to offset having Monday off of work.

The upcoming work week will be my last week as a consultant.  I’ve been spending time “closing up consulting shop” by making sure to remove my resumes from all of the job boards, unsubscribing from job board emails and letting recruiters know that I’m ‘off the market’.  I’ve started to put together a slide show of pictures of all the cubes/work areas I’ve worked out of during the last 6 years that I will be posting next week.  It’s taking me lots of time to go through iPhoto and find them.

This weekend the weather is going to be pretty nice – highs in the lower 50’s with no rain.  Tomorrow we are planning on heading out to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. We drove past it on the way home from last weekends adventure and thought “wow – that looks cool” noticing a Boeing-747 on the roof.  Checked it out online and discovered that Howard Hugh’s ‘Spruce Goose‘ plane is on display there – one of our ‘must see while in the NorthWest’ items.    It’s the largest airplane ever constructed.  Looking forward to going….

Been enjoying watching American Idol.  It is fun having Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as judges.  It seems strange that Randy Jackson is now the only original judge still left.  He now sits where Simon once did and takes more of a lead role.  It will be interesting to see Steven and Jennifer throughout the season – will probably see them on a level we usually don’t.  We usually only see them perform or being interviewed…

Not much else going on…  going to head off and play Warcraft for a few hours…  I’m at level 34 and going to level up soon….

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