Greetings from a cool evening in West Des Moines, IA

The weather has been cold the past few days.  Believe it made it a few degrees above freezing today, but not for long.  Woke up Sunday morning to falling snow, but it all melted by the end of the day.


The snow was pretty while it lasted

The snow put me in the holiday mood – so sat down and did Christmas cards.  Sent out around 50 of them.  Have a spreadsheet with the names and addresses – so once you are on our card list, you tend to stay there 🙂  Used a fountain pen that I had John fill with green ink for the cards.  My handwriting is not the best and not sure dealing with the fountain pen helped matters any…. perhaps it passes as “rustic charm” 😉

Received the first batch of Christmas gifts I ordered online.  The items are physically larger then I expected them to be – a pleasant surprise.  We are purchasing gifts for thirteen people (counting nieces and nephews on both sides of the family), so have quite a bit yet to arrive.

I don’t ask anyone what they want for Christmas – I buy them something I think they will enjoy.  For me that is the fun part of gift giving.  Will be receiving phone calls from John’s side of the family the last shopping weekend before Christmas asking what we want.  This year will tell them sex toys and gay porn just to be sassy…. 🙂

John and I will not be exchanging gifts this year.  It seemed a bit pointless the last few years because if we want something we usually buy it.    Instead I will plan a weekend trip somewhere in January or February to get away for a bit…

This will be the first Christmas where we are going to both sides of the family.  We have it planned out, but who knows if the weather will cooperate.  Will be lots of driving and John has to be at work on the 26th…  Thought it would be nice to rent a nice car or SUV for the trip, but John’s too cheap and vetoed the idea.  Oh well, will make it “just fine” in his Jeep Liberty….

Played way too much World of Warcraft last weekend, but I did make it to level 90 – the highest level you can currently go to.  Made me happy, but was a bit anti-climatic… ding – you are now level 90… ok…  Can continue to play the game, get better equipment, make more money, finish quests, fine tune professions but do not gain any experience points or increase levels… Not until the game receives a new expansion and they increase the top level…  Will probably finish the quests and then give it up for awhile… move on to a different game….

Not much else going on….. going to read a bit before heading to bed…

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