Greetings from a wintery day in West Des Moines.

Received more snow last night so had to go out at 6:00am to shovel and salt the sidewalks.  Was not as bad as the previous snow storm, but still took me 30 minutes with temperature of -2.

Had to day off of work so I can attend the Multi-Housing Crime Prevention program at the West Des Moines Police department.  Had a car reserved for me at the local Enterprise car rental with a 7:30am pickup time.  Called them right when they opened up to have them pick me up, but they said there was five other people in front of me.  Explained I needed to pick up the car in time for a 9:00am meeting.  They said it would be close but they will do the best they can.  Did not sound promising, but figure the drive to the police department would not take long.

Receive call 15 minutes later from Enterprise and they said there was no way they could pick me up before 11:00am.  Not good.  I ended up walking to Enterprise in the below freezing weather.  Took me 25 minutes, but was not that bad.  Would not have wanted it to be any colder out, but I managed.  They explained to me that the last snowstorm caused lots of people to end up in the ditch and in need of rental car to get to work.  The State of Iowa has some laws about how tow trucks are not allowed to operate during snow storms because they contribute to the dangerous conditions.  So if you end up in the ditch, your car is going to stay there until the storm is over.

Got the rental car (Toyota Avalon) at 8:45 am, just in time to drive to the police department. The program lasted three hours and covered topics like the Youth Restorative Justice program for at risk children, how to deal with tenants with various mental disorders and crime statistics for the city.  It was good to go and keep our connections with the police department in good standing.

Afterwards I stopped at Costco for a quick lunch and a few supplies.  Had a warm Turkey with Provolone cheese sandwich with was better then expected due to fresh tomato, onion and lettuce on it.  The store was not very busy so I got to piddle around more then usual.  Checked out various electronics and lots of stuff I don’t need.  Big purchases ended up being cat litter, breakfast sandwiches and two new door mats for the apartment building.

Made it home, got my purchases situated and started working on my paint by number painting.  Trying hard to get it finished up before we go on the cruise next month.  After an hour of painting I decided to head to Lowes and purchase a new dishwasher.  Our dishwasher has been broken for the last two months – it leaks really bad.  I could try to fix it but it’s old and the interior racks are starting to rust and fall apart.  It’s past time for it to go bye-bye.

Ending up purchasing the same basic Frigidaire model that we purchased for the downstairs apartment.  It was on sale for $295.00 plus $109.00 for them to install it and take way the old one.  Only catch is that they did not have one in stock, but will have some arrive on Friday.  So installation will occur sometime next week.  Works for me.  Could have ordered it online, except they will not take a store credit card with $230 on it over the internet.  Store credits over $200.00 must be made at the actual store.  The credit was from some cabinets I returned when we renovated the basement apartment last fall..

Made it back and spent a few more hours working on the painting, then playing Minecraft for an hour before John arrived home.



Last night I had ice skating lesson downtown, but was cancelled half way through because of the amount of snow that was falling.  A few inches accumulated on the ice and made it dangerous to skate because it would suddenly make you slow down or stop.  They said we could attend lessons on Saturday morning as a make up.  Cool with me, but will have lessons Saturday morning and then again Saturday afternoon at the Buccaneer arena.  Suspect my feet will be good and sore by Saturday night.  Oh well – what does not kill you will make you stronger…. maybe 😉


That’s about it… going to play Minecraft for an hour before calling it a day and heading to bed at 10:00pm.  Once in bed will surf the web for 20 minutes before falling asleep..

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