Happy 2014!

We actually stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve this year. I was playing Minecraft and John was watching TV – very exciting. Earlier in the evening I prepared steaks and lobster tails that we received from Deven and Melinda. They were delish…

Yummy New Years Eve supper at home

On New Year’s Day we received 4 to 5 inches of snow. I ended up shoveling the sidewalks three times to keep them clear enough for the tenants to walk on. Been wanting to head downtown to ice skate but it has been too windy and cold. Temps have been in the single digits the last few days – going between 5 to 8 degrees outside. The next round of ice skating lessons start on Saturday at Buccaneer Arena and then on Monday downtown at Brenton Plaza. Looking forward to getting back to skating and lessons.

John has been having a crappy few days. He did call into work sick on Monday and spent the day in and out of sleep on the sofa watching TV. I gave him some apple sauce cups for lunch and checked on him every few hours. He then went to work on Tuesday but was still not 100%. Today he seems to be back to normal.

On New Year’s day one of the tenants water heater stopped working. This is the Whirlpool water heater John replaced himself a year and a half ago. Tenants have been having intermittent problems with it not lighting, but it had to wait until a holiday to finally not relight at all. John called AM / PM Plumbing and they came out and determined the ceramic tube that the ignition spark comes from is cracked. It is causing the spark to occur an inch away from where it should be. They called Whirlpool and they are sending us parts just for the cost of shipping. I paid $30.00 for overnight shipping and they should be here tomorrow, maybe.. Plumber was able to get it to light before he left, but not sure how long it will continue to operate for.

John then brought his Macbook Pro laptop to the local Apple Store to have the battery replaced. The logic board in it went bad while it was under their care – so it had to be sent off for repairs. Apple is covering the cost of the repairs, but it is going to take at least four days for the laptop to be returned. So John is having to deal without his main laptop for a bit.

Today is John’s 40th birthday. I baked him a birthday cake and took him out to eat. He decided on The Cheesecake Factory at the Jordon Creek Mall. We have not been there since last summer, so it was a nice birthday treat. Lots of people were dining but we were seated right away. I had Steak Diane and John went with fried shrimp and fries. Both were delish, but I think what I ordered was better 🙂

John's Birthday Cake - simple chocolate on chocolate. Did not have a 0 candle so just went with the 4....

Afterwards we wandered around the mall and ended up at the Apple Store where I asked John to pick out a new iPad. John has been dropping hints that he would like to obtain a newer iPad – so this is a combined Christmas/Birthday gift for him. He went with a white iPad Air with a black smart cover. His old first generation iPad is about twice as heavy as the new one. He’s working on setting it up by restoring his apps from the cloud since his computer is away being fixed. So he has a happy ending to his birthday today.

Have been working on my paint by number painting – put in several hours on New Years day. Been working out from the left corner. The paint brush that came with it is going bad – the bristles are not staying in a nice point – so going to find a replacement this weekend. This is what it currently looks like:

Starting to get more colors filled in on the upper left hand side. Is slow and tedious to work on.

Not much else going on. Going to play Minecraft for a bit and check in on John to make sure his new iPad is working properly.

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