Hello all, John here.

Yes, I have broken the strike, even though I still don’t have much to say…

Today was my day of park duties. It’s pretty laid back this time of year as there are just not too many coming and goings, but of course we’re at Saint Louis RV Park, and I can always find some drama somewhere!

The water line repair is now going on day 3. Yes, Folks, 3 days to repair a broken water line because “The glue has to setup for 12 hours” Whatever, use the correct glue and it would already be on, I think the plumber is milking the job, but who am I to say… Hopefully it’s back on tomorrow, as I am sick of hearing about it, however I’d be whining pretty hard if mine was off too…


Bathroom Door R&R

Today was also Change the Bathroom Door day. Van and Diane (George and Lynn’s daughter and son and law) changed out the rusty, noisy steel bathroom door. You could literally hear it close from across the park, and as Van got it off it was no wonder why, the frame of the door was really not even fastened to anything. They still have to paint it, but at least it is on– it’s been long overdue.

In other news, I am getting ready for the trip to WI this coming week. I have a long list of stuff to take care of in Milwaukee, and now it sounds like I won’t be heading to Chicago afterwords. I’d like to see the facility there, and also meet up with Bern & Mike, but not sure it’s gonna work out. I still have yet to get really any Christmas Shopping done. I have my sister taken care off, but the rest is sort of a mystery, and of course now that I have wasted so much time, I have to go brave the holiday crowds. I still hate Christmas, not only for all of it’s religious fallacy, but even more so because of all the misguided expectations and stupidity.

Anyhow, That’s about all I have. Still waiting for a late arrival, so I best go stare out the window…

Have a goodnight.


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