Greetings from a chilly evening in Iowa…

Just got back from my last ice skating lesson this year. The temps were a bit cooler then the past week with a breeze. This week we worked on different cross over skating techniques – both forward and backwards. Have really enjoyed taking lessons again – so will sign up for the next batch starting right way in January.

Was a bit stiff skating at first because John took me skating yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. He sat rink side playing with his iPad while I went around the rink for 45 minutes. The rink was very crowded so had a difficult time practicing too many moves. Was all I could do at time to not run into skaters falling down around me. Was in the upper 40’s so many skaters just had on sweaters with no coat.

Next we went to Zombie Burger for supper. John complained to them via email about our last visit and we received a $25.00 gift card from them. Our return visit was better. We got seated right away, but it took 10 minutes for our no personality waitress to take our order. The food took 15 minutes to arrive, but was good. I had a “Project Nemisis” sandwich ( breaded portobello, lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese, mayo, cheddar cheese sauce) with a side of fries. The mushroom had an odd texture, but was tasty. Would go back again, but will probably try their take out side where you order at a counter instead of having table service.

My Christmas shopping is officially done. John got into the spirit of Christmas and went shopping for me today. He want to the Jordan Creek Mall and said it was will god awful busy – even on a Monday morning. My guess is that many people have this week off of work and also wanted to finish up…. It was very nice of him to go for me… 🙂


Wrapping gifts...



No Christmas tree this year - just a "Christmas Radio"


I have a full week of work. My guess is that they may have us leave work a few hours early on Friday….. Today I received lots of meeting cancelations so my calendar is almost empty. Not complaining because I’m getting lots of my smaller projects done. By the end of the week I should be in a really good place to start the new year with fresh new projects to work on.

Next week I will be “on call” for our department. I don’t expect there to be many people working – so hoping to end the year with as little drama as possible. Management made sure to let me know that I should call people at home if something occurs that I’m not able to deal with. Sure hope I don’t need to do that….

There is not much else going on. Tomorrow evening we are meeting Troy and Don for supper in Ankeny, IA – about 1/2 way for both of us. In parting, here is a neat old Tom and Jerry Christmas cartoon from 1942:

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