Work is going well for me. I have several projects that are finishing up so I’m not quite as busy as I have been. I’m back to working 8 hour days for awhile – until the next big project comes along…. During my lunch break I went clothes shopping at Kohl’s for myself – finally. I don’t like shopping after work because the traffic is bad and the stores are crowded – so I just went. I had no problem picking out three shorts and a pair of corduroy pants. When I came home tonight I went through my old clothes and came up with a pile to get rid of. Our rule is that if we buy clothes we must get rid of an equal amount.

The weather was in the mid-40’s today – so lots of snow melted. There is still snow and ice in places on the ground but the parking lot at the RV park is starting to clear itself. It was not much fun carrying a laundry basket full of cloths on icy asphalt when I did laundry last weekend – so hoping all the ice melts soon.

Scott Hicks sent me a yummy recipe for a Sour Cream Pineapple Salad that I added to the online cookbook. I will give it a try this weekend. If anyone else has some good receipes to share – email them to me and I will also add them.

I’m looking forward to watching Project Runway later on tonight. Last week was a bit sad because one of my favorites (Steven) was voted off. His last challenge was one where he was to take an old outfit from a women who lost lots of weight and re-do it to look fabulous on her new body. The garment Steven had to work with resembled a white wedding dress made out of polyester satin with lots of plastic pearls sewed to it. He hated the fabric – so he made a new black dress and used small pieces of trim from the white dress. He made the mistake of not really doing what the challenge was about. His finished dress resembled a French maid or a pilgrim.

I will miss seeing Steven on the upcoming episodes…. Now it will be interesting to see how far my other favorite, Crazy Elisa, makes it….

I did some searching and discovered that the Canadian version of “Project Runway” has just finished up – I want to see if I can find the episodes on BitTorrent so I can watch them.

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