At work I’m being cross-trained to handle various tasks at work while many of the full time employees have the entire next week off. I will be working on Thursday and Friday. Not working for a few days means that I will have a smaller paycheck – which usually sucks this time of the year. Most of my projects are at a stand-still so I have been given some small tasks to work on and keep me busy.

It rained on and off most of the day. The temperatures are back up in the mid 40’s today and expected to be in the mid 50’s over the weekend. This should melt any remaining snow. On Sunday the temps are going to dip back down into the 30’s….. yuck…

At work I have Photoshop CS3 image editing software loaded on my computer. I’m not stranger to creating graphics for web pages and etc, but I prefer to use another program – Macromedia Fireworks. Fireworks is made for the creation of web graphics while Photoshop is a general photo editing program. I decided that learning Photoshop would be helpful at work and a good item on my resume – so I picked of a book on using Photoshop for Web graphics. I have been going through the book during my daily lunch break and have been easily learning the basic concepts of Photoshop.

John worked at the front desk of the RV park from 4:00pm until 6:30pm. He was supposed to be done at 6:00pm, but a RV arrived shortly before he closed up – typical…

I was very disappointed that there is no new Project Runway this week. I did find that the Canadian version of Project Runway is available on BitTorrent – I’m downloading the first episode right now – I hope it is as good as the American version.

Not much else going on….

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