Hello all, John here again.

Still not much going on here, we kinda feel like we are in the perpetual waiting pattern right now… The weather has been meh, this AM it was a tad warmer, but we had rain, then it did clear up. Derek did get an email from the recruiter in Sac that he was going to call him at 3:30, but then he never called. Figures. Hopefully Monday with good news. He finally go through to the unemployment people in WI, who then told him he had to contact the state he last worked in… Of course it was too late by then. Ugh. It won’t be much, but at least it will be something to bridge the gap. His employer (even though I still think they are snakes for not only letting him go before Christmas, but also only giving him 4 days notice, and breaking our agreement), stressed to him that he did a great job and this was purely budget related. They paid him for 8 hours today and sent him home early, which was nice. Derek takes this so much better than I would, and keeps focus on the fact that he needs the reference and possibility of future endeavors with both the company and consulting firm. I would have had a difficult time taking the high road.

Yesterday I noticed on our “big” bay, the door made a strange sound when I closed it. Closer inspection reveled it was flexing. The Ultimate series used a bit different technique to build the doors, as they have a seam down the center and are made from two pieces of aluminum sheet, fastened to a framework. The framework on both sides has developed a stress crack, I think mostly due to the shear size of that door. I was unable to take it off myself, so it was sort of nice Derek got done early today. We quickly got the door off and I stripped off the backing to see what was really going on inside. Well, seems that Winnie must have forgot to rivet or fasten the seam… The holes we drilled, and you can see where the backing was put in for rivets, but no rivets… I added them, and then also added two strips of flat stock aluminum a neighbor gave to me from a project he just finished. I used the flat stock to reinforce the back side of the frame where it was cracked. Glued the foam back in, and glued the coversheet back on and re hung the door. It seems as good as new now, I do hope it holds.

I also saw a mobile repair guy here in the park today, and asked him if he worked on Norcold’s. He did, and would do my recall, but unfortunately we won’t be here in time to get the parts. Drats! We are having an awful time getting this recall done as all the dealers are booked out for months and most want the unit left over night.

Again for my political rant, I want to reiterate my position on the Obama/Warren situation. I certainly do no like the fact that Obama has picked Warren, I just think we have bigger battles to fight. The most recent example will be his cabinet picks. While I do agree he has made some pretty wise choices, I think the fact that he hasn’t picked an openly gay/lesbian candidate for ANY major post, and now they are all filled, is saying a bit more than the whole Warren situation. But yet, to find that news, you gotta really dig deep, in fact I only saw it on one blog today, and in none of the major news sources. So, yes, we need to be watching him closely. The sad part is, even Bush had openly gay staffers, and McCain had several on his campaign team. Why doesn’t Obama? I think this is a much bigger issue than someone speaking at his inauguration. Further illustration of how stupid I think our LGBT leadership is being, the idea that Geoff Kors (head of Equality CA) is “boycotting” the inauguration because Warren is speaking I think is ludicrous. First off, his poor leadership in Prop 8 was a major finger pointing episode after the election, and Who Cares if he doesn’t go? Who is that really effecting? Take the High road Geoff, and be there to show you don’t agree, and insist we will be heard, hiding in CA and stomping your feet isn’t going to accomplish anything.

Ok, off the soapbox. Derek and I also want to send out a big Thank You to all of you who have sent the condolences and good wishes. We really appreciate all the kinda words and the offers of help! I am sure our situation will work out for the best, and we are both tring to remain as positive as possible. Again, Thanks!

Have a good night!


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