Greetings from St. Louis…

My toes are cold while typing tonight… the tile floor is a bit chilly.. it is 29° out now at 7:30pm and it is not expected to get much cooler tonight…

John has been busy getting all of his Christmas shopping done. He went out Friday and spent 6 hours at three different malls before he had enough and went home. Then we went out Saturday morning after breakfast to finish the remainder. One of our neighbors at the RV park had given us coupons for free 4 gig usb thumb drives at the new Micro Center store here in town – so we made sure to stop in. John attempted to purchase a new case for his iPhone but it did not work out so well. He purchased one and out in the car attempted to insert his phone into it, but it did not fit – so he walked back in and returned it. The staff was actually helpful and made sure he was inserting it correctly, and tried their own iPhone with it – one got their phone so wedged into the case that she nearly broke the case getting it out…. At least we both got the 4 Gig drives for free… just sold our souls to their mailing list….

He ended up purchasing a Otterbox Defender case from Best Buy and really likes it:

The case encloses the phone and also has a holster with belt clip that it fits into it. The belt clip also swings out to serve as a “kick-stand” to prop the phone up for watching movies…. pretty nifty….

I worked on getting all of John’s gifts wrapped while listening to Christmas music on my 8-Track player. So far the Christmas 8-tracks are working fine… none of them has self destructed yet by spilling several feet of tape into the player… no big deal… I know how to fix them when they do… just takes time, patience and my little stash of repair items…


This is what happens with iPhone and Kodak SmileMaker app at party!

Last evening we went to Glen and Steve’s Christmas party at their home in Union, MO. It took us about an hour to drive out there, but the roads were fine. We have no snow in the city, but in the country there is a light dusting – enough to almost cover the grass.. The party was lots of fun – we got to mingle with other couples that we have camped with through the years and members of the St. Louis Lambda Car Club. They have a fireplace in the basement along with a bar – so my favorite place was to sit at the bar getting warmed up by the fire, good friends and some wine…..

We attended the party until 11:30pm then headed back to St. Louis… There was some scattered flurries on the way home, but nothing that caused any problems. When we arrived at the park, I jumped out to open and close the front gate – at least it was not raining this time. We were in bed by 12:30pm… really late for us….

This morning I woke up a little bit hung over and really did not want to get out of bed, but I did in time to go to breakfast at Chris’s. Paul and Rich S. did not make it – they were out until 2:30am, but Rich A. did. Breakfast tasted extra good to me and the decaf coffee helped me feel a bit more like myself… After breakfast we went back to the MoHo, where I decided to lay down on the bed for a just a few minutes… two hours later John came in the check up on me and to encourage me to get up… I reluctantly did 15 minutes later…

Spent a few hours doing laundry this afternoon.. I had to wait for washing machines to become available and then for the dryers to get emptied out… so it took an hour longer then normal – no big deal. John did his weekly cleaning tasks while I was in the laundry room. With the Christmas presents, paperwork for John’s job, space heaters and winter coats – a large part of John’s cleaning task was to get things organized and put away.

This evening we meet up with Paul for supper at Noodles. I had my usual Pesto Cavatappi – cork-screw noodles with a olive oil/pesto sauce and shrimp… it was warm and hit the spot… Paul was in a good mood – he has been doing some work on his house – working on restoring a fireplace that had been closed up and plastered over in the past. He has an old mantle, some old tiles from another fireplace he obtained years ago that will be used. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results….

Not much else going on… going to watch some TV, play with Prince and surf the web… just relaxing before starting a short week of work….

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