Long day at work – worked until 6:00pm then went and got my hair done for the holiday.

After getting hair cut I stopped at Target in Brentwood and Walmart on Hanson Road – both stores were basically trashed – stuff laying all over the place. Walmart is especially disorganized – they had pallets of new stock all over the place along with shopping carts of returned merchandise that needed to be re-shelved all over the place. You could not get down most isles because of the carts of crap….. It took me around 30 minutes to get through the check out line….. I hate Walmart…

I only have one more present to purchase – I should be able to get it done tomorrow evening.

John purchased a cement lawn goose today – the paint job on it is not the best so I purchased some paint and plan on repainting it on Friday morning.

I’m tired, my throat hurst and I’m going to bed.

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