The weather has been a little bit better the past few days… not quite as cold at night. We received a dusting of snow last night, but it is pretty much gone already. I added a current weather section to the right side of the blog…. now you can say ‘I’m really glad that we are in “-insert your location here-” today it was “-insert your high temperature here-” 🙂

Work is going fine. I’ve been busy with lots of maintenance and upgrades to existing Domino applications. The floor I work on is starting to look like we are moving soon – I see lots of people cleaning out supply rooms and getting rid of lots of old promotional materials, and outdated technology stuff…. like zip disks, floppy disks and slide projectors….. Some digital displays by the elevators are gone along with company logos and artwork. I’m sure our work area will become more of a disaster as our departments Feb. 8th moving date gets closer.

Tax season has officially started – we received our mail yesterday (it is delivered via UPS – so no MLK holiday) and it contains my first W-2 and 1099 forms. I went ahead and purchased Turbo Tax Deluxe for my Mac and have it all ready for when we receive the remainder of our tax forms in the next few weeks. Last year I worked for three differnet companies in three different states (Florida, South Carolina and Missouri)- so doing taxes is a bit interesting…. I have no idea if I will get a refund, or not this year – my guess is that I will probably break even….

I’m looking forward to the St. Louis Hamfest this coming weekend – I hope it is a good show…. The best part of hamfest is buying some piece of computer junk that John whines about for the next year… 😉 I keep telling him “it’s not junk – it’s retro!” – he’s not buying it… There is a cool store off of Grand here in St. Louis called “TFA” which stands for “The Future Antiques” which has a delicious old pink hair dryer – the kind that is a chair with the bee-hive dryer over head. I want to get several and have them outside of the RV for guests to come over and chat with me – it would be so “Steel Magnolias”.

I want some hair dryers

Not much else going on…. I’m off to play Webkinz and watch some TV…

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