Greetings from a cold evening in Iowa.

We had freezing rain turning into snow last night – leaving about an inch of snow on the ground – not quite enough to cover the grass in the front yard.  About 5:00pm last night a tenant knocked on our door letting me know the back stairs were ice covered and very slick.  Found a bag of salt leftover from last year (lucky) and took care of the problem.  This morning got up at 6:00am to shove snow and apply more salt on the sidewalks.  Guess winter is officially here…

View of the apartment building this evening... makes me shiver looking at it.

On Tuesday night we got married on the front steps of the state capitol building.  Ceremony was held at 7:10pm in the cold windy weather.  Was short, simple, a few “I do’s” and that was that.  Don in Ames has a daughter (Michelle) that is ordained and was able to marry us.  So it was just us, Michelle, Don and Troy in attendance.

The Iowa Capitol Building all light up at night

John do you take Derek, to have and to hold from this day forward....

Afterwards we went over to Raccoon River Brewing Company for drinks and a late supper. We will receive our official marriage paperwork in the mail in a few weeks.  On Wednesday we both recorded our marriage with our employers.  Felt good to do so.

We have decided to go on a gay cruise in February to celebrate getting married and get away from the Iowa winter for a week.  So we have a state room booked on the RSVP Divinia Caribbean Cruise.  Divinia is the name of the ship…  We went on a similar RSVP cruise back in 2007 but don’t mind going again.  Different cruise company, different boat, and different itinerary.  This one will stop in  San Juan, Puerto Rico for a day.  We have several groups of friends who will also be on the ship so should be a fun time.  We did not really go anywhere last winter – so think this vacation is well deserved… Now I hope that February gets here quickly. Starting to save money for my bar tab 🙂

MSC Divinia cruise ship

Not much else going on – going to watch last night’s Project Runway All Stars on the DVR and then play Minecraft for a bit.

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