I made it to my parents house in Thomson, IL all safe and sound. The further North I drove the nastier the roads became. It is very windy out so the snow drifted over the roads and visibility was low at times. The closer I got to their house, the more snow covered the roads were…. makes me glad to be driving a all-wheel-drive Subaru… it handles the snow and ice well….

I called John at 4:00pm and he was outside of Madison, WI going 20 mph down the interstate… Wisconsin is getting more snow then Illinois so I’m sure John is not having much fun driving.

Prince traveled well and is now locked up in a bedroom with his litter box, food, water, his toys and bed. Mom is worried that her dog will kill the cat, so we are keeping them separated at all times. Prince is currently sleeping under the bed….

Tomorrow I will spend the day wrapping gifts, eating cookies and spending time with my parents…

Let it snow, let it snow!

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