Greetings from a rainy St. Louis…

It started raining last evening and finally stopped an hour ago – at least it is not snow.


Prince laying on the shirt I wanted to wear to work....

I did not sleep very well last night without John… I kept waking up when I felt the MoHo rock in the wind….. Each morning I make the bed and lay out my clothes before getting ready. Prince decided to make my shirt his bed:

I had another busy day at work – still more changes to several applications needed first thing next year… My boss stopped by at 1:30pm letting me know that I could leave at 2:00pm if I would like… Ended up working until 2:15pm, then went and did 30 minutes on treadmill before heading home at 3:15pm. Leaving work was nice, but does help with my next paycheck which will be about 1/2 the amount of normal because I don’t get paid for any holidays…


I felt sorry for the public safety officer on his bike in the winter rain...

On the way home I was stopped at a red light in the rain and this is what I saw in front of me:

Once back at the MoHo I did two loads of laundry so I don’t have to deal with it when I come back after Christmas – most of it was John’s stuff…

John called at 7:15pm to let me know that he finally made it back to his hotel room after a long busy day at work. It sounds like he is being productive and getting lots done, but he also sounded tired. He said that Milwaukee has been getting snow all day long – just dumped on… He is planning on hitting the road for his Dad’s house in Hilbert, WI around noon.. hope he has decent roads….

I still plan on heading out for Thomson, IL by 8:00am.. I will pack my suitcase and the car in the morning… also need to get Princes stuff together and packed…. John left me a list of items that must be completed before I leave the MoHo. Here is his “Motor Home Close Up Checklist:

1. Unplug all heaters
2. Unplug computer power strip
3. Make sure all lights are off (Check closet lights)
4. Make sure all heat vents and intakes are unobstructed
5. Turn off water heater propane switch
6. Turn off water heater electric to manual and make sure it is off
7. Make sure rear furnace is set to On
8. Set front furnace to 55 and “Gas”
9. Turn off water outside at hydrant
10. Run water inside to “Depressurize”
11. Empty gray water, close valve when done
12. Double check “One Place”, make sure water heater and pump are off
13. Ensure all compartment doors are locked
14. Lock bottom lock of front door

The list seems to be all about minimizing risk while we are both gone…. The weather forcast is decent through the weekend – it is not going to get colder then 22 ° so everything should be fine..

Once I arrive at my parents house I will have a stack of Christmas presents that arrived and need to be wrapped. The fun part will be trying to remember what I purchased for who….

That’s all for now….

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