I made it back to St. Louis by 8:15pm. I left my parents house at 3:15, so it took me 5 hours – not too bad. I had dry roads until I got south of Springfield, IL – then it stared to rain. The temps are in the 40’s, so I didn’t need to worry about snow or ice. Prince was a very good boy on the way home. He meowed for the first 30 minutes and then he settled down and fell asleep. He fell asleep about the same time I played my Rosemary Clooney CD – probably not a coincidence. He did not seem happy when I played music that had any “boots in the dryer” beat to it…. He now seems very happy and content to be home.

John visited his old boss at Donahue Trucking in Milwaukee today and then stopped by and visited our friend Mike J. in Madision. John called me at 8:45 and said that he just go back on the road and is not sure if he will make it all the way to St. Louis yet tonight. If he gets tired he will stop and get a hotel for the night. I hope he does not attempt to drive the entire way – it would get him home around 2:00am…. Yuck!!!

You may be asking, “Derek, you got a new digital camera for Christmas – so were are all of your fabulous new pics”? Well…. I’m having a problem getting the Sony Cyber-Shot camera to transfer pictures to the Mac PowerBook G4. I suspected that the usb ports on the laptop have too low of power to connect to the camera (like what happened to my external hard drive), but I get the same results when I connect the camera to the powered usb hub. I plan on getting a memory card for it and using a card reader – I have not been anywhere that sells the Sony Memory Sticks yet…. I plan on picking up one tomorrow and then I hope to have some of my holiday pictures posted tomorrow…

I had a very nice Christmas – I enjoyed spending time with my family. Mom is up and running with her new green Dell laptop – I have it all connected to their wireless internet and networked to my Dad’s computer for printer sharing. She did a great job of picking up the basics of using it. She occasionally used my Dad’s computer, so it was not too much of a learning curve. As a precaution, I setup www.logmein.com on their computers so I can log into their computers remotely and provide assistance as needed. Scott Hicks was the one who recommended the www.logmein.com service to me and I really like it. They have a free basic level of remote access that I’m using. I like how I can use my Mac to log into their Windows computers.

Last night at 1:30am my parents dog, Peggy, started barking – it woke me up, and I assumed he heard Prince meowing or something. This morning at breakfast Dad said that Peggy was barking at a pack of coyote’s that were making their way across the back yard, close to the house. Dad saw them and heard them yipping while trying to calm Peggy down. Dad says that they see coyotes now and then – besides humans they don’t have any predators, so they are getting more numerous and like to eat rabbits, cats and other assorted small animals and birds. That’s a bit different then living in downtown St. Louis 🙂

I’m tired ready to take a shower and relax… will post more tomorrow……

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