Made it home from my parents house in Thomson, IL with no problems. It took me around 5 1/2 hours to get back – I don’t mind driving, but I was glad it was not much further…..

I received an 8-track player for Christmas and I’m very happy with it. John got me the blue Panasonic Plunger model just like the picture below:
I spent a few hours this evening listening to the several 8-tracks I have. My favorite cartridge is “ABBA Arrival” … everyone sing along “Knowing me, knowing you.. (ah-haa) There is nothing we can do. Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) “.. soo much fun!!! Tomorrow I might have to hit a few thrift shops and Good Will stores to find a few more tapes to listen to. I have to limit the number of 8-tracks I have because of space concerns – but I’m sure I can find a place for a few more….

I received many other nice gifts like a mini-lava lamp, 20-questions electronic game, candle warmer (melts candles instead of lighting them), stuffed animals, gift certificates to JC Penny and Target, computer books, Tommy clothes and a 2 year subscription to Trailer Life….. It was fun to see what creative gifts my family came up with this year because of our limited space.

I got John a flight yoke that connects to his computer and he is having fun playing with that as I type. I watched him fly a plane through the St. Louis arch in Microsoft Flight Simulator….. John also received some flight lessons and a nice toaster oven from his Dad.

The gift I purchased for my brother Deven ended up in Wisconsin with the gifts John purchased for his family. Tomorrow I will stop at the post office and send it to him.

I went to the day after Christmas sales with Mom in Clinton, IA. We made it to Target, Walmart and Kohls before calling it quits. I got some 1/2 price candles, Hickory Farms cheese/sausage gift boxes and a kit for making creme brulee complete with a torch and 4 little bowls.

Now the fun part will be finding a place for everything in the camper. I brought a few items from the camper to my parents house and left it – that should help us have enough room for the new items.

Tonight we went to Crusoe’s for supper – this was our first time eating there in the evening. I had a patty melt and fries and it was good…

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